Genealogy is a hobby that I picked up in 1999. I found it interesting, and liked to read about the family history. In 2001, I decided to combine another hobby of mine, website development and genealogy, together. I found a few websites that could do this, but for a monthly fee. After some research, I found Tribal Pages where our family tree is currently being hosted.

My uncle David, who created the tree in 1980 and would bring a large print out to a family reunion so that everyone could pencil in new births, marriages and so forth. When I create my online version, David, gave me a copy of his database. At that time, it only had little over 2000 names on it.

It has grown by leaps and bounds since then, with more and more names being added each year. David, would occasionally give me updates. There are over 4,000 people listed on our online family tree.